Anonymous: Is your hair naturally red? If so did your parents have red hair? I have red hair but my mom did not I am hoping my kids hair will be red !

Yes it is.

My mom has red hair and so does my little sister.

Penny has red IN her hair, but it is not red.. I WISH IT WAS!

Anonymous: Is penny's hair red or is it just like a blonde brown

It’s a light brown with red tones!

Anonymous: Did the psychic medium actually get through to any of your family members or friends!? I'am sooo skeptical, but it seems so interesting.

She brought up my grand father (he is with me, apparently).

To validate that he WAS with me he told her to mention Daniel’s car, and my dog Winnie..So cute that she brought up Winnie!

Anonymous: You should sell posters of yourself on VAL & sign them!

Haha, would any one even want one?

Anonymous: Where are your links in your theme? I can't see them anywhere!

On the left in the drop down menu under my photo.

Yesterday I went to see a psychic medium and I had the craziest experience (as well as seeing/hearing other people’s experiences) I have always believed that it was a real thing, but since witnessing it for myself, I AM CERTAIN.
That was the greatest experience.

Anonymous: Would you ever get your hand(s) tattooed?

I’d love to! But I don’t know what my career entails.

Anonymous: Is your clothing line made out of vegan stuff? Or is it just in support?

Yes of course!