So Brad totally talked about this in an interview, saying that Shiloh prefers to be addressed by all the family as John (and if anyone calls ze—I guess, I’m not sure if there are chosen gender pronouns yet, so I’m just going to use ze/zir—Shiloh, ze’ll be all “it’s JOHN OKAY?”) and prefers traditionally “masculine” things like swords and boy clothes etc., and he and Angelina don’t care because they a) recognize that not all children are the same/follow traditional gender binaries and b) they love John no matter what so it doesn’t matter to them what gender ze is. Which I thought was awesome/adorable.

Love them so much.




I’m not nessesarily a big fan of Jolie, however I will say this: If my mother had done for me what she is doing for Shiloh/John it would have saved me a a childhood full of frustration, numbness and confusion. I would not now look back on 19 years worth of life and wish I had been able to LIVE IT. Instead, I spent 19 years pretending to be someone else. I can’t help but feel robbed. Why do we tell children who they are? HOW can we tell children who they are?

Parents, please, LISTEN to your kids. Embrace difference and know that you are raising your children right by allowing them to be themselves and loving them unconditionally.


Everyone who’s liked or reblogged this seriously needs to become a parent. Please, for the good of humanity — reproduce, smart people.


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