On my way to work I pass two dairies (one of which no longer has cows).

It was snowing like crazy and I could hardly see the road, so I was going about 25mph. I passed a truck, hauling a trailer. I was not surprised to see that it was hauling a truck full of cows.

As the truck passed, I saw a little nose sticking out of the trailer, hauling this poor cow to her death.

I lost it, and cried the rest of my drive to work.

Supply and demand, you guys. When someone tells me that being vegan does nothing, because animals will always die whether I eat meat or not..

Just remember, for every piece of meat you purchase, another animal is killed to replace that very life you just took. For what? a quick meal?

THINK before you BUY.

Compassion, and conscious living will save lives.

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    Calling meat eaters “pieces of shit” doesn’t really help the cause though, people will be less likely to listen to you...
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    Speaking of which, I was thinking the same thing as vegan dood just said lately.
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    I absolutely love animals. I would probably die for a dog. But if I see a big-ass juicy burger, I’ma dig in, because it...
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    A carnist defense to eating meat and drinking milk (blood and pus): - I HAVE to eat meat, it’s genetic. - without meat...
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    How do you spot a vegan at a party/in public/on tumblr? (But seriously, grow up. Don’t you dare preach peace and love...
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    oh and have you had a cheese steak, chicken wings, a CHEESEBURGER! That stuffs pretty fucking delicious. I’m pretty sure...
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    I think a huge issue here too is the way we treat the animals. I don’t like that we’re so harsh on them, but I don’t...
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    I think we can all reach a good median here by just agreeing to cut down. I think the biggest problem with the...
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    I’m still not changing out the meat that I eat for a shittier version of lettuce. No one here is talking down on you for...
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    I’ve reached the point where I don’t really care if people eat meat. It sucks, yes, and I hate it, but I’m not going to...