How the fuck do people compare;

How do people still compare enslaving, mass producing, and murdering animals with machines and tools to “the circle of life”? No, kid, “the circle of life” is comparable to animals hunting down other animals. The way we produce animals is not natural, or fair game whatsoever.

How fucking stupid can this world get?

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  1. satansmisstress answered: Natural selection comes to those who can’t and won’t evolve. We have a better way to live now, more resources, why be stuck in the past?
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    Since the beginning of human time we’ve been eating animal. What do you think we gained strength and muscle from grass...
  3. guysidfuck answered: what’s with you and trying to convince yourself you’re a better person than everyone else?
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  5. unejoliesauvage answered: EXACTLY. I’ve said this 5439825789437 times to so many different people, and they’re all just ignorant assholes. Fuck them all.
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    actually this is just evolution Neanderthals tried hard af to hunt animals so naturally when we as a race found better...
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  8. gravityshift answered: Because people KNOW it’s wrong, and they’re trying to make themselves feel better.
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  12. thehealthyhappyvegan answered: Right? My boyfriend’s mom once said “The animal’s life sustains my life” and I’m like plants sustain mine so what’s your point???
  13. bialoveee answered: Some people just didnt understand The Lion King.
  14. persephonepirate said: so true :(
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  16. iamahostagetomyownhumanity answered: Carnists fucking suck. Stubborn and selfish.
  17. mimi-jr answered: how the fuck do you compare a meat-eater to a rapist more like? seriously that’s nto even closely related.
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